Sunday, April 4, 2010

Using a New Form

I wrote my first novel, Drifter's Story, as a taped interview between two people. I got the idea from Samuel Becket's play, Krapp's Last Tape. Many people are fooled by the form and believe it is a 100% nonfiction. It's an autobiographical novel and about 70% nonfiction. It deals with the issue of what Robert Bly called "sperm stealing". The character meets an artist woman who takes photos of pregnant women. She is a mistress of a developer. She picked him up as a beach drifter, and has a child with him, but kicks him out because she wants to raise the child by herself. This book can be ordered for $7.95 including shipping from Slough Press, 3009 Normand, College Station, Tx. 77845


  1. My second novel FOGG IN HIGH SCHOOL is about surviving high school through acting oblivious. It's dedicated to all those who had trouble with high school

  2. What is your favorite novella? My favorite is an unknown one, George's Mother, by Stephen Crane, author of Red Badge. It's about a single mother trying to raise one son. All the rest of her children have died, also her husband, and she has moved from the country to the city. Crane's novella has relevance to singe mother's today. What is your favorite novella? It might be different from the novella you consider the best aesthetically.